Tracking Contact Job Changes In Your CRM

Generate Pipeline And Reduce Churn By Tracking Your Key Contacts and Alumni Customers

Flexible, Reliable, & Hands Off

Let Sifdata's natively built Salesforce application do all the heavy lifting so you can be notified when your key contacts make moves

Generate Pipeline

The easiest meeting to set is with a person who already loves your company and has purchased in the past.

Crush Competition

Gain a competitive advantage by tracking your competitors' customers job changes.

Reduce Churn

Have you ever lost a customer because your champion left? SifData will help you get in front of those changes so you're never caught flat footed.

Ready To Drive Pipeline and Cut Churn?
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Trusted By Great Teams

Companies of all sizes trust SifData for success.

Quick Start

All the steps you need to get rolling with SifData.

Install AppExchange Package

The first step to getting started with SifData is installing the package from the AppExchange.

Connect to SifData

SifData uses oAuth to connect to so your data is secure.

Track Records

Using Dataloader you flag all the records you want to track in one pass saving you time.


Now that you've installed SifData and connected the application to Salesforce you're all set.


Contacts Tracked by SifData


SifData Alerts Created


Happy Customers

Powerful Features

SifData was built with productivity in mind. Our background running sales, operations and SFDC consulting teams ensures SifData is intuitive, lightweight and scalable.

Native Salesforce Integration

We know your reps live and breathe in Salesforce so it makes sense to build a tool that brings the data to them.

Hands off

No one wants to take on more work so we built SifData so it you get alerted without any additional effort from reps.

Own The Data

Tools like Sales Navigator for LinkedIn mean the data ultimately belongs to the end user, we think all of it should be in Salesforce.

Stay Flexible

Our package doesn't have a single line of code which means you have unlimited flexibility to tailor the product to your business needs.

No More CSVs

You'll never have to send a list of leads and contacts to a third party for enrichment ever again, we promise.

Track Everything

Reporting out of Salesforce on the impact of SifData is a snap and you'll never wonder if your data is up to date.

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